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Seamlessly integrate leading exam vendors with NoPaperForms to streamline your admission process and provide a supreme experience to your prospective students.
 Exam Vendor Integration

Why should you integrate your exam vendors with NoPaperForms?

Examinations play a pivotal role in the admission process of all educational institutions. While offline examinations lead to numerous logistical challenges, online point solutions result in a lot of operational challenges for institutions. These result in a broken experience for students. It is important now more than ever before for institutions to be able to drive their complete admission process digitally and in sync with their admission platform.

Understanding this need while collaborating with our partners, NoPaperForms has created robust, scalable, and seamless plug and play solutions to integrate with leading exam vendors and provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders, including students, that can help you streamline, manage, and scale your admissions.

Single Candidate Sign-On

Provide a supreme experience with Single Sign-on (SSO)

With Single Sign-on, the candidate will only have to login once to NoPaperForms’ Student Admission Portal in order to take the exam. The provides an integrated experience with leading exam platforms so that your candidates are never distracted from your user experience. With real time APIs, the platform knows a candidate’s history which personalises the experience even further.

Candidate Book Preferred Slots

Let candidates book preferred slots

Provide a smooth, seamless, and flexible post application experience to your students by enabling Slot Booking options directly on their Dashboard inside the Student Admission Portal. The candidates can choose their preferred date and time slot in just a few clicks.

Automate your Admit Card process

Simply pre-configure a template and let the system create a tailored, hyper-personalized Admit Card for your candidates. It is then parked right on NoPaperForms’ Student Admission Portal, where the candidates can access it anytime. The admit cards can also be automatically sent to candidates across channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Push Notifications in real time via Marketing Automation for educational institutions.

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Automate Candidate Admit Card process

Conduct online assessments seamlessly

Conduct scalable assessments as per your requirements, completely online with your preferred exam partner. Give students the comfort of taking exams from their homes while being proctored remotely. Candidates can take the test by clicking on the ‘Take Test’ button in their dashboard.

Conduct Scalable Assessments

Declare results in real time

Once your applicants have attempted the exam, NoPaperForms fetches the results from exam vendors in real time. It automatically generates the score card and parks it in the Student Admission Portal. There’s no need anymore to process exam scores manually or grunt through Excel Sheets to publish the results!

Realtime Result Declaration

Enable candidates to reattempt

Handling retakes is a major part of the exam process. With our integrations, you can simply enter the number of Retake Attempts you want to allow the candidates to take and the system automatically takes care of the rest.

As an institution, you can easily segregate your candidates based on their number of attempts, score, current status, and more, in the one-view Exam Dashboard.

Enable Candidates to Reattempt Exam

Integrate with exam vendors in a single click

Get your exams up and running with simple, yet powerful configurations. Limit your dependency on tough IT solutions or complex APIs and enjoy seamless, one-click integration for most exam vendors like Mercer Mettl, Pearson VUE, Merit Trac, Eduquity, and Wheebox, among others.

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Prioritize Engagement with Advanced Filters

Nurture your leads efficiently to convert more

Engage with your leads on multiple touch points via a counselor or through personalized marketing automation. You can use your candidates’ profile and activity details, lead score, lead strength, and numerous other parameters to auto-distribute leads to counselors or define personalized auto-nurturing through marketing automation.

With NoPaperForms, you can deliver engaging omni-channel communication that helps you nurture your prospects, elevate your brand reputation, and shorten the enquiry to enrolment cycle. Read more about Lead Nurturing.

Lead Nurturing For Educational Institutions

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