Simplify GD-WAT-PI Scoring to Increase Quality Admissions

Automate your evaluation process with NoPaperForms’ Online Scoring and Evaluation platform to make informed, merit-based selections and scale quality enrolments in no time.
 Simplify GD-WAT-PI Scoring

Why should educational institutions implement online GD-WAT-PI Scoring and Evaluation?

Typically, the candidates appearing for GD-WAT-PI are evaluated based on writing ability, subject knowledge, communication, conduct and leadership skills. As such, many evaluators struggle to assess individual performances of candidates simultaneously. This ultimately results in delay in processing due to choked bandwidth of teams, thus affecting the overall student experience, institution’s brand reputation and ultimately, enrolments.

Through NoPaperForms’ online GD-WAT-PI scoring system, educational institutions can ascertain the abilities of candidates in a seamless, hassle-free manner. Post GD-WAT-PI, they can easily automate the scoring process by pre-defining evaluation criteria and configuring scoring fields for multiple courses while delivering unmatched student experiences. The automated online scoring process frees up your team’s bandwidth to drive quality admissions, much faster!

Custom Candidate Scorecards

Improve your decision-making efficiency with Custom Scorecards

Tried and trusted by stalwarts in the education sector, NoPaperForms’ Custom Scorecard functionality gives you the feasibility to automate your candidate scoring process for multiple courses. Different evaluators can choose from a repository of pre-parked scoring templates based on their specific parameters for candidate assessment and customize the scorecards, as and when required.

Achieve optimal performances with Configurable Scoring Fields

Now you can configure custom, logic-based scoring fields complying with your institution’s shortlisting criteria. The fields you choose can be of varied data formats i.e. numbers, open text boxes, drop-drowns, etc. and can be simply dragged and dropped to your evaluation panel. For WAT-PI rounds, you can easily curate a variety of preferred scoring fields like writing proficiency, body language, thought process etc. at your disposal to streamline your evaluation process.

Configurable Student Scoring Fields

Make evaluation simpler and effective with Online Scoring

Assign students to virtually meet via Zoom or Google Meet by simply clicking on the “Join” button parked against their names, on the top of the panel. You can enable automated GD-WAT-PI scoring as an option to eliminate manual dependency completely. Not only that, this functionality also allows the evaluators to overview the candidate profile and populate respective scores accordingly.

Note that all these scores are auto-saved and synced in real time with the Application Manager for you to sort, filter and shortlist candidates as per the requirement and intake of your institution.

Student Online Scoring

Protect and secure your data with permission-driven Evaluator Module

Exercise complete control over the privacy of your admissions’ data. With permission-driven evaluator module, keep a track of user activities and sessions taken by evaluators. Provide customized, controlled access to external as well as internal panelists through privacy settings, thus enabling a limited view of information.

Permission-Driven Candidate Evaluator Module

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